The AKC original classroom condition improved

Those who have been to Angkor Kids Center will have a better picture of the term of “Original Classroom / School”. This term refers to our very beginning school when we had our class taught under a small and single shelter built in the family ground of Ms. Salin NHY, our current school director. Even now we have a proper school building, but this original school are well maintaining with some reasons, keep it as our memorial start up site, and the need of more space for delivering our flooding daily English class.


Former AKC Original School

With the strong relationship that our founder, Mr. Samnang Chhon has with the Hong Kong people through the main school building project back in and from 2011 (CHOICE), now on a different channel of corporation which is the business of travel and tourism Asia Natural Tour (ANT) of our founder Samnang partnering with the Chinese business Adventurous Education of some of the former Hong Kong service team, the presence of two Chinese student groups came over in late January and early February 2016.

To the modal of responsible business, our AKC original school building has been improved with a proper and nice tiled floor and ten writing desks have been constructed and set in the classroom for better learning at the TOTAL COST OF US$520, $500 donated by Adventurous and the balance from the AKC cashbook.

Instead of sitting on the dusty floor and taking notes directly on the floor, now they have a clean floor to sit, and desks to write on, which is really, really much better and comfortable for the students.

The Current Original School

The Current Original School

Special thanks to all the stakeholders to make this improvement of the school condition happen.

Adventurous Edu team

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