Sleeping on the Back of the Dancing Lions :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai ! / Happy Chinese New Year to all our friends !

It looks like we are sleeping all day long here, but NO not really, we stay as active as we used to but the limited time on the air to speak out made us out 🙁

Having a quiet time at work today, we would like share with you some news as following:

1/- Early February 2015, AKC had the great honor to welcome the big group of students and professors around 200 participants from a university of Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh campus to have the inspiration of taking part in the volunteer life for them from AKC model. This is the second time that AKC host this university official field visit. They brought along with some knowledge and experiences to share with AKC on top of the presenting the massive number of students who are doing higher level of education to our AKC students.


2/ – The Chicken Raising Project : We have successfully  raised the 500 chicken even we could not make any money from this first try. What we could benefit from this pilot project is the experiences to either the team spirit in fighting with few challenges and the new knowledge that we digged out from the deep ground. This testing session of the raising made us lost US$ 100 without projecting with the infrastructure building (chicken house, farm fences…), but comparing to spending the money in a vocational training school, we spent a lot less 🙂 The only reason we got lost this time is the wrong species of chicken that we have chosen. NO WORRY : we are now on our way to have the second generation of our chicken raising, this time we already know which way we should take on to travel to make the money for our school. Stay tune and read more news coming along… Nevertheless, thanks again to the donation of Help4Cambodia for funding this project !


3/- In late January 2015, a ceremony had been hosted to all our  AKC volunteer team by the local authority to present their recognition and the care to our voluntary work. The participants from the host bodies including the authority officers from the district, commune and the village level. AKC was not the only guests but we had the participation from the villagers. The evening expenses covered by the officers, the villagers’ participation, and the of course small participation from AKC.

This is all for the break time from AKC in Siem Reap !

Wish you all the best time in this occasion and be active as the Lion Dancing !

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Arrival of the Chicken


It has been a while until we could get the reliable information to set up an new stage to move on.

Thanks to the wonderful team of AKC who has made extra miles beyond their existing experiences and knowledge to make this significant move to this phase. Now 500 of young chicken has been properly migrated to their new and comfortable house.

Again, thanks to the great donation of Help4Cambodia which permits us to make the project implementation progress running steadily.

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