Kathryn’s Birthday & Modern v.v. AKC Community Costum


Birthday party has been brought to public every second and it is commonly recognized by the public.

Looking back at our community and would possibly representing millions of other sorts of rural groups alike in Cambodia that we don’t know how this works.

Many thanks to Ms. Kathryn McLean, our recent volunteer who has very rich experience on TESOL training who spent some time helping our local volunteer to improve their English teaching, for celebrating her birthday party with us at AKC on 23 August 2014. Now we see how it looks like !

Taking this time we would like to share with you that it is not common to tell someone our birthday here in practicing of the belief. Letting people that we don’t trust have our birthday is just like giving a password to access our entire destiny, as we don’t know what that aliens would do there ;), but now we understand and the belief is not as effective as it used to be.

Furthermore the form of birthday celebration in our custom has many steps and protocols, and mostly the celebration is seeking for life extension from god, so it happen only when people are getting old and not well, and the celebration cost a lot of money , not just a cake !

All in all, all are good and we are happy to learn and to be a ready folk !

Hope you enjoy reading and supporting us to sustain our indigenous spiritual ritual practices by support our work !