Academic Year 2015-2016 AKC School Open House

A simply Irish-Italian great lady’s Cambodian friend Visit has turned to be an Annual Charity Event happening at Angkor Kids Center school/Community !

This year, 04th October 2015, has become the fourth official Hand-on-donation campaign which we named it in a more formal way as Academic Year 2015-2016 AKC School Open House, presided over by Ms Pamela McCourt Francescone, the president of LinkForAid Charity Association based in Rome, Italy who is the main sponsor of the entire event, and a few other local authority officers as our special speakers and guests toward around 300 hundred students and the families.

In addition to that, this year we have approached to attract an Inbound Tour Operator/DMC called Asia Natural Tours getting involved and fund in the event organization logistics and donate some school bags during the event.

Open House Day 2015-Grp Stage

As like every year, this time, we have 12 (twelve) bicycles, 12 (twelve) school bags / satchels with full set of school stationery in side donation of Link For Aid, and 20 (twenty) school bags / satchels donation of Asia Natural Tours, totally benefited to 38 (thirty eight) AKC and Samroang community school children who are the most in need and got good grade at their English classes. Along with the professional organization, proper chairs for the participants, tents, and the Cambodian and Italian flags flying together in front of the school and stage, make the event even much more successful, valuable, and honorable.

Open House Day 2015-Grp pict

At least, we as Angkor Kids Center team would like to express a deeply thanks to Ms Pamela McCourt Francescone, Link For Aid for making this event happen and Thanks to Mr Nam ENG, the founder of Asia Natural Tours for your great passion to help. We hope to see you again next year !

We all wish you the most prosperous in life and business.



Myanmar & Cambodia on Link For Aid, Rome, Italy

With a long lasting relationship established between Link For Aid  and Angkor Kids Center, things are happening for better each and every year.

Here are the highlights of what Link For Aid brought to the people of Myanmar and Cambodia in 2014 :


Here you will also find the presentation reported the achievement in 2013 by Link For Aid : LINK FOR AID IN MYANMAR AND CAMBOGIA 2013

Thank you and let be together for better 2015 !

Hak’s Successful Self-Reintegration


Sitting on the rooftop at his proud workplace, Amansara Resort, known as a 6****** star hotel/resort in Siem Reap, gateway to the rich cultural and natural heritages, Mr. Hak HIEN a former permanent active volunteer at Angkor Kids Center as teacher, HR, and Event coordinator, said he has just signed a contract with Amasara to be a permanent staff after his five months working on the casual employee ! Congratulation Hak !

Please be re-informed that Hak has been sponsored by Linkforaid to join a one year vocational training on restaurant and bar course at Paul Dubrule school 2013-2014, under the AKC Volunteer Reintegration Program. After successfully graduated from this school, Hak was offered a few job opportunities to different hotels and restaurants, and he took one. In August 2014, Hak made a evolution succeeding another job application at a Top hotel in Siem Reap, Amansara on a temporary contract in the Food & Beverage department including outside catering, room service, bar… With the existing experiences gained from the voluntary work  at AKC in the event coordination plus the attractive one year course, along with the curiosities and the talent which are part of his interpersonal skills, Hak was offered to sign a proper staff contract with his hotel. Please note that Hak is NOT the only one who are working on this casual basic, some already worked in their two or 4 years but stay still.

Almost every time that I was called to sit in the office is to get some lesson, incredibly this week call-in is to sign a paper which have never ever expected to read and have it” Hak said. He also added that ” With the compensation that I am going to have from this job I feel relieve that I could carry my family much lighter than before“. Hak lost his father in 2013 in the middle of his course session year leaving him and three younger sisters who are at school and his mother that he has to take responsibility.

Even though, Hak is very busy at work, Hak always stay one of the active youth back at AKC and his communities to be grateful to this project! His next life project is going to the University here in Siem Reap !

Again thanks to the fabulous team of Linkforaid, a charity organization in Italy for making all these inspirational story happen !

How about you ?

Won’t this be a solution to help the unprivileged children to have the chance as others ! Talk to us now to find a way out of that and match best with your styles !

Pon with his new notebook

Pon_Laptop 1

A part of the need for his university study on agriculture course for four years in Thailand is a laptop to do the research and do the work. With an intervention of Ms. Pamela McCourt, the president of Linkoraid, charity association based in Rome, Italy, Pon now have a nice notebook, a special present of Ms Paula Camba Junker.

Thanks for all your kind contribution ! Stay subscribed to see his progress !