Lost & Found Electricity for AKC school

As you know 70 percent of AKC evening English classes need electricity to supply the light tube in each class. From the start of the school, batteries were used and later on with the support from one of our partners, Link For Aid in Italy, a few panels of Solar were donated and installed to supplied the entire school, followed by the installation of the fans donation from Salet’s friends.

It is not strange that things not living eternally so as our AKC Solar Panels, especially when it is done by non-expert compiling installation, it was not our mistake but the different in budget is huge. From times to time we had to fix it and replace a several spare parts, and unit this late months, this year 2016, we learned that they are already out of date, even it is 40 degree Celsius of the sun heat, the energy could only supply for 30 minutes and that what was the half of the first class hours. Then some of our classes forced to pause a little bit.

As long as we have the commitment, there will be a solution to get out of those challenges, thanks to our core partner Helpucation e.V.  for making the temporary solution for our classroom light, furthermore a big fan has been also equipped to each room to lower the heat a bit. Thanks to all our local team especially Hak for helping to install and committed to invest the maximum from these stuff.

Hope you enjoy it and be part of our group.

Angkor Kids Center, For better education in Cambodia!

AKC School Opening Ceremony_2 November 2014

Opening Ceremony Backdrop

One year has been over leaving a lot of memorable experiences and achievement at Angkor Kids Center!

This year event has been even more colorful and greater honor to welcome Ms. Pamela McCourt Francescone, the president of Linkforaid, a charity organization in Italy, and the official officers from the local community authority to speak during the event flowing with the following agendas :

  1. Welcome remarks and the program objectives by Mr Meam, Academic Coordinator
  2. Present the special guests and speakers by Mr Meam
  3. Opening Remarks and comments by the / Village chief or representative
  4. Water Transfer game
  5. Painting Competition and presentation of their arts
  6. Remark and overall comments by Mr Samnang Chhon, AKC Founding Initiator
  7. Remarks and comments by Ms Pamela, Linkforaid Association President
  8. Remarks and comments by the Councils of Commune in Angkor Thom District
  9. Students ‘comments and determination by student
  10. Donation and Award distribution by community head, Linkforaid, AKC
  11. Close the program and school visit

IMG_0765 IMG_0773 IMG_0777 IMG_0778

Pamela was very impressed by the image of the village and just had one contingent comment after the event and the village visit “Each year I see how things are changing in your village.  You, and all your team who are inspired by you, are really giving these children and the people of Samroang the opportunity for a better future. I know how poor the villages are in Siem Reap province, and I realized it again when we walked back in the dark and I saw families eating together and you told me the man who will look after the chickens will have a better home than he does now.”

Pamela is not only our honorable speaker, but her presence bringing along village 15 bikes, 14 school uniforms, and 14 satchels to be donated to the outstanding of AKC school students and the less privileged students in Samroang community to be able to go to school in this new academic year 2014-2015.

At the end, she promised to the community and to the founder of Angkor Kids Center, Mr. Samnang Chhon, there are more things to come.

Stay with us and see what Linkforaid and Angkor Kids Center bring to live in the forthcoming year of 2015.

And support us to make the great change for general humanity.

Pon’s University Life Updates

Following the most recent post about Pon’s University Life Challenges,  including a campaign to raise the fund for him to continue his safe overseas student’s life.

Now we are so proud to announce that Pon will have a peaceful life in Thailand for the next 6 months from mid September 2014 onward.

The most grateful to the Linkforaid Charity Organization, Italy who has the mission to help the underprivileged children and the poor in Myanmar and Cambodia for continue supporting Pon since the beginning of his application until now, and thank you Mr. Garry Chapman for your personal donation to support Pon.

Pon's Group Work

Taking this opportunity, we would like to pass on the message from Pon that he has just finished his first mid-term Exams with a great pride that he could do better than more than half of the Thai students in the same subject at the whole university even the lecture was conducted in Thai language !

We are here at AKC firmly committed to deliver your contribution to the best uses and most beneficial to all the stakeholders who have the same hear and way of walk as us !

Stay with us and see the inspiration of how we grow 🙂

Pon’s Overseas University Life Updates

Pon, the first from the right, with his family in front of his house.
You might have heard about the human capital development strategies that AKC has been taken, and you must have heard Pon, our motivated, and self-reliant person who has grown his life through volunteering. After a few successful jobs helping his own community and the surroundings though the voluntary work with Angkor Kids Center, Pon has been granted an opportunity to study at Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University in Thailand in the Faculty of Agriculture Technology, which is not available in Cambodia.
Pon in the Garden Lab
Updating the status of ​Pon, we just had a Skype talk with him, he really likes the university and the rich learning materials there, however he is now facing some financial condition for living and studying there with the following issues :
1 – Due to the political changes/reform in Thailand made over  200,000 Cambodian workers without proper permit forcing to return to Cambodia, this causing the students with student visa stopped or banned from working at night or outside the school, as what he had planned to survive his life.
2 – Pon was trying to ask the university to have some job to do at the university as well that we would got 6000 Thai Baht around 188$ per term, and that will be entitled to pay at the end of the term (4 months), but he was rejected with a condition that he is a freshman (first year student), he will be allowed to apply in term 2 onward, it means he could try again in January 2015.
3 – With the first fund donated by Linkforaid, the Italian charitable association (USD 600.00 in September 2013, and USD 1,100.00 in March 2014), that AKC managed to send him phase by phase, permitted him to live just during the whole month of September 2014 – here is the general expenses from late January 2014 up to September 2014.
Pon's Expenses Report
​4 – Pon normally eats a lot like a few plates of rice but now he reduces to just to have something in stomach, ​but he still have to spend at least 3$ per day, and he also need to pay some classroom paper work at around 30$ minimum per month as well, these are the ongoing cost.
​Donors, supporters, friends, with the details of this message, ​I would like to call all of you to make any possibilities to help Pon carrying on his safe and confident student life there, I am very sour that Pon will make a great model influencing others, and contribute back to the humanity with professional and fair practices in term of education development and environment protection.
Please let me know if you need any other information to support the campaign raising the fund for him.
You may make a quick donation to our Pay Pal account or to our foundation partner account !
Thanks and see you soon.
Samnang Chhon (Mr)
Project Director/ Founding Initiator,

Samrong village, Lieng dai commune
Angkor thom district, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Phone +855(0)77 848 949 | Mail samnang@angkorkidscenter.org
Web: www.angkorkidscenter.org | Facebook: www.facebook.com/AngkorKC

Pon with his new notebook

Pon_Laptop 1

A part of the need for his university study on agriculture course for four years in Thailand is a laptop to do the research and do the work. With an intervention of Ms. Pamela McCourt, the president of Linkoraid, charity association based in Rome, Italy, Pon now have a nice notebook, a special present of Ms Paula Camba Junker.

Thanks for all your kind contribution ! Stay subscribed to see his progress !

New AKC Introduction Video

A very special thanks to Help4Cambodia for funding this wonderful and professional New AKC Introduction Video !!!

 The video presents the project of Angkor Kids Center, a remote community center for community sustainable development focusing on education, life skills, and environment, located next to the world famous Angkor Archeological park, Siem Reap, Cambodia angkorkidscenter.orgfacebook.com/AngkorKC ! It is supported by the German organization Help4Cambodia and Italian Association, LinkforAid which has set itself the target to make an important contribution with education projects to a better and happy future of vulnerable children and young people in Cambodia.
Produced by: Antal Gabelics, facebook.com/antal.gabelicsvimeo.com/user1466883
Funded by: Help4Cambodia, help4cambodia.org  

Leave your confidence with us, we are reliable !

Congrats Mr Hak HIEN

Hak Hien Paul Dubrule

Hak Hein (4th from left), a teacher from the Angkor Kids Center,  graduates from the Paul Dubrule hospitality School in Siem Reap on Restaurant and Bar Training Course. Hak’s school fees were sponsored by Link for Aid last year . In July Hak takes up his first job as a captain in a restaurant in Siem Reap.

Hak felt it was just a dream !

Congratulations Hak!

Support us for more young adult to get the possibilities to have job in tourism in Siem Reap

Hospitality School Familiarization Visit

IMG_0266IMG_0366Follow the path of success when Mr. Samnang Chhon, the founder of Angkor Kids Center have, Paul Dubrule Hospitality School was the great mean for him leading to the good job that he has now, working in one of the best known tour operators in Cambodia.

As of June 7th, 2014 a group AKC students and teachers , 54 altogether has made a visit to this school to understand the school better and form the inspiration if this is for their upcoming career life dream. The students and teachers felt so impressed by the school infrastructures, modern facilities and amenities. The visit ended with “Yes this is my dream”, the group said.

This trip sponsored by Linkforaid, Italian Charity Organization (www.linkforaid.org) for bus and snacks.

To make this trip the most successful, AKC is calling for your sponsorship to any boys or girls to have a one full year hospitality vocational training course here at this school.

Thanks and talk to you soon.

AKC builds my bright life !

Pon at Obun University

Standing in the overseas university garden with pride, ” It is an incredible miracle, I must said this, when my too far away dream just become true! ” said Pon, a young boy living in one of the most difficult living condition in Somroang village just next to the AKC school.

Pon started his school like flying in the middle of nowhere. After participating with AKC project, as a volunteer Green project coordinator for a few years, he was offered a chance of having a scholarship to study in a university in Thailand with the support of one of the AKC partners in Italy, Linkforaid http://linkforaid.org/.

Congratulation Pon ! The most grateful to Linkforaid team!

There are more success stories to share, stay tune with our blog released 🙂