Kea Mosley visit Angkor Kids Center for her “Give Back Mission”

It was so privileged to be given this opportunity by Mr. Chhung Sopheap and his wife Mrs. Aing Solin introducing our community project to a great lady Ms. Kea Mosley, a Cambodian-American lady.

Kea started her life in a difficult situation in rural Cambodia, at one point she had her life grew in an orphanage center and was given the greatest chance to move and live in the United State of America.

Speaking not very clear Khmer, the Cambodian language, Kea told us during her time at Angkor Kids Center that she loves her country, she loves her people, to the better life that she has now, she wants to share and give back to those who are in real need in a sustainable way.

Kea spent her time at many places in searching for the real one in her mind, all are too big and so so much work to do to help, she almost gave up or take a big plan, but thanks to Sopheap and  Solin for introducing a tiny project of Angkor Kids Center, where she got the most inspired, she realize that there is a way to start from a small angle but impacting in a greater size.

Kea has spread the words and she could enjoy some peaceful time enjoying her beautiful country  in the rest of her time here!

She is back to her developed home now and already tackling to find ways to support Angkor Kids Center.

We are proud of you Kea, and good luck with your “Give Back Mission”!

Ivanhoe Year 9 Market Day for Cambodia

We have to say a “A real firework congratulation” to the Year 9 of Ivanhoe Grammar School for the great success on the recent feast of fund raising event, which was a Market Day selling food and drinks to raise the money for the children of Cambodia where Angkor Kids Center has been selected to be the distributing channel.

Ivanhoe Event

With a recent establishment of HELPUCATION e.V. who put the first hand to develop AKC and be its hand, a donation of 1,007.21 Euros raised during this Market Day event has been transferred from Ivanhoe to Helpucation e.V.

Special thanks to all the motivated students and the staff of Ivanhoe Grammar School for always supporting AKC, especially Mr. Garry Chapman for being a great facilitator and coordinator of this successful event.