The Returned of Mr Samnang Chhon when words formed !

Samnang Delivering Speech

Samnang delivering speech during the Kids Sponsoring and School Opening Campaign 2013, funded by Linkforaid.

“Just like a lightning moment, 6 years has already gone! We are not tired, but  more interesting challenges are here to flight to overcome after quite a period of time to come already, Mr. Samnang Chhon, the AKC initiator from the village of Samroang where AKC is situating said.

The ninth of September 2009 or 09/09/09 is the day that Samnang returned to his community and start to build and develop the team and formed the name Angkor Kids Center (AKC) after his stable life with reasonable job. His inspirational biography of development had attracted the world attention, and inspired the children and his community bringing along with great success afterward…read more about AKC history 

As of today, 09/09/2014, AKC would like to celebrate its founding anniversary with silent sound ! This representing the effort of saving and putting things in the right place with great concentration as we understand how hard people have made to make this passionate concept to a fabulous implementation.

Stay tune and see the current ongoing projects, activities and accomplishment that we have succeeded !

Be blessed with all the very best wishes from AKC team in Siem Reap, Angkor !