Link For Aid President Pamela Visit with Loves

At least once of every year since 2011, Pamela McCourt Francescone the founder of Link For Aid Italy visit Somrong community and our AKC school. Every time she comes, several meaningful gifts are brought over to our kids and school. As for this year 2019, 25 new classroom-chair-desks for our new classroom, 8 bicycles and 8 satchels and 8 uniforms have been contributed to our our needy kids and school.

Sustainable Visitors

Thank you Pamela and thanks to all your donors for making this meaningful event happen. We are looking forward to your next trip here soon.

Are you interested in making a change to the rural kids and get inspired. Let’s have a talk.


Ms Valentina Iorio, AKC new friend from Germany

Valentina offer pens

Valentina offer pens

We used to hear the name from our Helpucation e.V. team but never see from our own sight, surprisingly Valentina appeared to be in Siem Reap with her group tour, therefore with our founder Samnang, welcome her to our school that she is one of the permanent donor supporting AKC via Helpucation e.V.

Valentina has good impression with the school, village. With her career professionalism in the Foreign Language Teaching, she has brought some gift for the kids and make them learned the colors. Yes, true, just a very short time but at least they learned and practised something. Anyway, Ms Valentina Iorio is our long term supporter, and only here with this trip to here where her money going to. She is proud of her contribution!

You too can be a part of our family, talk us soon!