Watch what we are doing

A picture paints a thousand words… Watch what we are doing here in Angkor Kids Center. Follow an English lesson, hear about the passion of our volunteer teachers, and see how the whole AKC team faces upcoming challenges!

A day in Angkor Kids Center


School Management

“We live in a very rural area. I want to share my English skills and my experience with the children of my village.” –Meam By, volunteer teacher in the Angkor Kids Center–
Watch, how your donations support Meam and his students. It is the passion of teachers like Meam, that brings our vision to life and provides better opportunities for the students and the whole community. Learn more about our vision.


Passionate teachers

We believe that eduaction is the key for a sustainable change. Why is that?
Our volunteer teachers in the Angkor Kids Center educate more than 250 little Khmer children every day. These teachers have been students of the AKC in the past. And their students might become teachers in the future. Good english skills provide the opportunity for better jobs, and the former students of AKC spread their knowledge in the community. Get to know our team members.


Garbage project

In Cambodia many people burn or burry garbage. The toxic substances are polluting the air, the soil and the water. There is no solution how to deal with garbage. In our workshops we raise the awareness of the risks because we want to reduce the pollution of the environment. This is part of our Green Project.


Introduction Video

With the help of our partners Help4Cambodia and the “Padma Stiftung für Kinder” the passionate filmmaker Antal Gabelics created an introduction video about the Angkor Kids Center. The video shows what we do, who we are and what we believe in!