AKC green project

We do not only care about people, but also about the environment that surrounds us. Green resources are essential for our living. We do believe that a sustainable development of our country integrates a peaceful coexistence with animals and plants.

Healthy environment and attentive living


In order to preserve the basis for a healthy and happy living for us and the future generations a responsible behavior should be the driving force of our actions.With the AKC Green Projects we aim to empower all our kids to understand, respect and save nature while working and living in it. We educate the children to value the environment and various interrelationships they live in. In so doing the whole community benefits from the AKC Green Project.


Reduce, reuse, recyle – our garbage project

In December 2015, we initiated the first “Garbage Project Days”. The AKC kids and their teachers swarmed the AKC school grounds and near surroundings and gathered all plastic rubbish. After having cleaned the school locations every class received a dust bin for their class rooms, which was handmade from families in the village. further on the teachers and students had a vibrant discussion about rubbish and especially plastics in the environment.


The classes were talking about the problem of too many plastics in the environment, for example microplastics in water and grounds, which may finally end in the stomachs of animals and have a harmful impact on humans’ health. The students also were introduced to general and globally valid agreement: avoiding as much garbage as possible and implementing the 3 R- principle – reduce, reuse, recycle if garbage is not avoidable.


As a result of the first project days and as continuation of the garbage project, a beautiful fence was built by our volunteer Kolja and our teachers with the support of the whole community. It shall clearly mark the school grounds that need to be take care of by the help of every member of AKC. The school grounds and class rooms will regularly be cleaned and classes will consistently talk about rubbish in the school, community and environment and how they can contribute on reducing littering and living more sustainably.

We think green!

In order to fill our vision with life we are working on realizing more ideas such as a sustainable recycling project, the reuse of garbage for creative eco-product, ecological farming and livestock breeding. We already bought land for the gardening and farming project and launched a first try with chicken and pig farming.


With implementing a more diverse, productive, profitable and healthy land-use system and a consistent selling perspective we intend to make the whole AKC more and more financially independent.

Every idea and volunteer to support our green projects plans are very welcome. Please contact us!