My Backdoor Got Knocked by Aston Ryan & Malcolm


Leang, ARM Rep. in the middle

A while ago, I received an e-mail from Mr. Richard Vaughan which seemed to be unknown source addressing me, stating that one of their committee had visited AKC recently in 2014, asking for some information of Angkor Kids Center, if we are in need of anything as they were going to do some fundraising through their generous and passionate customers in Australia. I did make the replies listing a few needs as requested, but it was doubtful for me to whom I wrote to and when our meeting was. The communication went back and forth for a while and we got to be quiet.

As of early June 2015, I got the mail correspondence being forwarded by a different person stated that she would like to visit AKC as the delegate of Aston Ryan & Malcolm. The 18th June 2015 was our appointment date and we meet like planned. With a friendly Khmer look in skin and name born Australian lady Ms. Leang SAO and her friend, I took them to visit AKC, along the way we had some chat and saw some pictures of the last visitor, then I realized that we used to welcome Mr. Michael Ryan to have a quick look at AKC before his flight home. Read more about his story of the visit and the inspiration he got by then on their blog

After welcoming our guests through our backdoor;) Leang has been presented of the school and its founding stories as usual. Just before our return back to Siem Reap, Leang cited the work that her company, ARM does to support the social projects like AKC, and to leave good memories here in Cambodia, ARM left one thousand three hundred Australian dollars which is around one thousand US. dollars to support AKC. This great sum of cash donation is being used to sustain and maintain the new Branch of the Green Project (Piggery Project) with the main part funded by Ivanhoe Grammar School in Australia.

Pig Sty

Pig Sty

As the founder of AKC and on behalf of AKC team and beneficiary group, I would like to present a great grateful token to Mr. Michael Ryan, Ms. Leang Sao, Mr. Richard Vaughan and all the staff at Aston Ryan & Malcolm offering the accountants, auditors, and financial planners services based in Dingley VIC 3172, Australia, that we count as a business who has the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in their business practice.

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Sending you the best wishes and regards,


Samnang Chhon
Project Director
Angkor Kids Center

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