Mr. Don Rosenfeldt’s Charity Adventurous Ride Sydney – Siem Reap

Don is a recent traveler to Cambodia and it was his last trip or movement of the life after getting some bad health news 18 months ago to his cancer.

Don at AKC / Photo credited to Don's webpage

Don at AKC / Photo credited to Don’s webpage

In February 2014, Don was introduced to Samnang by his tour guide, Sreykhuoch Sok who is good friend to Mr. Samnang Chhon, the founder of Angkor Kids Center, and they made a visit to the project. Don was impressed by the work done solely there and he kept strolling around the village in a high humidity with sweat all over the body.

Upon his return to Australia, Don gave us a good news that his health was getting back to much much better. He believed that the Travel in Asia, particularly in Cambodia including the visit to AKC are what helped him back to good health.

Beyond the gratefulness in words, with the inspiration from Angkor Kids Center work, plus the touching living condition of Cambodian people, Don had a great passion to repay in part the beautiful but extremely poor people here and help kids to become educated so they can get jobs and help their families.

Don with his partner, BMW motorbike

Don with his partner, BMW motorbike

Don spent a few more visit to Cambodia and meet with several people to discuss possibilities to deliver the help safely and sustainably. With his rich travel experience, and with the potential connection that he has through his over 25 years operating Travel business, a Continental Crossing Motorbike Ride for Charity has been delivered to live by Mr Don Rosenfeldt from Sydney to Darwin up to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and down to Siem Reap, Angkor, and Angkor Kids Center.

His ride is to raise fund for three charities :

1/- Angkor Kids Center, raising money to help duplicate this scheme in other needy areas.

2/- CHOICE Cambodia, a great charity run by expats living in Phnom Penh, Ross to have additional funds will be a huge assistance.

3/ – Prostate Cancer Research,  January 6, 2014,  is the date Don was told his prostate cancer was so aggressive and advanced he would be lucky to see the following Christmas. Well, that was a wrong prognosis as his PSA has gone from a very scary high of 270 to a low now of 0.14!!! He hope he is able to again help here by donation for more research.

The main sponsor of the ride is AEA Luxury,  the inbound tour operator and donation will be accepted under the umbrella of Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah Donation page.

Read more about Mr Don Rosenfeldt’s Adventurous Ride for Kids in Cambodia and Charity at and

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Don's Charity ride Sydney to Siem Reap route map

Don’s Charity ride Sydney to Siem Reap route map