Ivanhoe Year 9 Market Day for Cambodia

We have to say a “A real firework congratulation” to the Year 9 of Ivanhoe Grammar School for the great success on the recent feast of fund raising event, which was a Market Day selling food and drinks to raise the money for the children of Cambodia where Angkor Kids Center has been selected to be the distributing channel.

Ivanhoe Event

With a recent establishment of HELPUCATION e.V. who put the first hand to develop AKC and be its hand, a donation of 1,007.21 Euros raised during this Market Day event has been transferred from Ivanhoe to Helpucation e.V.

Special thanks to all the motivated students and the staff of Ivanhoe Grammar School for always supporting AKC, especially Mr. Garry Chapman for being a great facilitator and coordinator of this successful event.

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Born just inside the Angkor Archaeological site, I earned my career lives by switching from a countryside boy to one of the top level jobs in tourism career and today I am the Co-found of Asia Natural Tour. To the extend that I get education and today better life is because of the Charitable people I met and meet, I am passionate about doing social work to give back, and share the stories of Cambodia.