Hospitality School Familiarization Visit

IMG_0266IMG_0366Follow the path of success when Mr. Samnang Chhon, the founder of Angkor Kids Center have, Paul Dubrule Hospitality School was the great mean for him leading to the good job that he has now, working in one of the best known tour operators in Cambodia.

As of June 7th, 2014 a group AKC students and teachers , 54 altogether has made a visit to this school to understand the school better and form the inspiration if this is for their upcoming career life dream. The students and teachers felt so impressed by the school infrastructures, modern facilities and amenities. The visit ended with “Yes this is my dream”, the group said.

This trip sponsored by Linkforaid, Italian Charity Organization ( for bus and snacks.

To make this trip the most successful, AKC is calling for your sponsorship to any boys or girls to have a one full year hospitality vocational training course here at this school.

Thanks and talk to you soon.

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About Samnang Chhon

Born just inside the Angkor Archaeological site, I earned my career lives by switching from a countryside boy to one of the top level jobs in tourism career and today I am the Co-found of Asia Natural Tour. To the extend that I get education and today better life is because of the Charitable people I met and meet, I am passionate about doing social work to give back, and share the stories of Cambodia.