Volunteering at the Angkor Kids Center

volunteering at akc

You are travelling through Cambodia and looking for a new experience? You want to do volunteering but you are still searching for the right project? You are asking yourself how to help and support a social project directly? Come and visit us at the AKC and you will find the answer! We need your help!

There are many options to work and help at the AKC: as a school we are focused on teaching students english as a second language, but besides that, we are running different environmental activities and building projects. So any kind of skills are needed! As a volunteer and member of our team you will be fully integrated in the community, get in contact with the locals, take part in the daily life of our community based project and improve your skills.

We can guarantee that, if you do volunteer, your wallet won’t be any fatter but your life will feel a lot richer. Education is the way in a better future – therefor we need your help!

For more information, details or application please write us:

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Volunteers about their time at AKC:

florian_volunteer„I took part in different volunteer-programs. The AKC is different to all the programs of the big organisations, because it’s still small and original. I was the „only tourist“ and completely integrated in the community. That experience was the most impressive. The people at the AKC are so thankful – you get more than you give!“ – Florian, student, 19 years, 5 weeks volunteering

jasmin_volunteer„The huge amount of garbage, especially plastic litter, that can be found everywhere in Cambodia, in the landscape, in rivers and lakes, on the street, is always shocking me again. As a future Environmental Scientist I also know about the impact on the environment as well as eventually on human health. I therefore felt the need to initiate a garbage project within AKC in order to tell the children about problems with plastic litter and to hopefully make them think and act more carefully in regards to garbage.“ – Jasmin, 37 years, environmental consultant, 2 weeks volunteering