AKC takes pride celebrating Its International Women’s Day

Samnang train the team on teaching skills

Samnang is training the team on teaching skills

While the world is busy celebrating the international women’s day, 8th March 2016, AKC family too, celebrating our own day through a story of success we have made to our girls at Angkor Kids Center.

Getting back to the beginning history of AKC, we got two time survival by girls, Mrs. Salet NHY, who got the center back from closing after Mr. Samnang Chhon left the village in 2006 for his career development in the city center. And in 2008, Ms. Salet NHY who is our current active volunteer School Director, took over the class, and develop the school moved from one class to several classes, and from a shelter to a proper school.

Without these two important girls there is no Angkor Kids Center, there might be just an English class only.

On the overall, up to now we have more than TEN girls already participating in our programs from all levels, and three of them are freshly recruited to join the team through a strict process (Exam, Testing, and Oral Interview….), girls are doing a better job. This story is not covering the job we have to our students and the communities, which girls are fairly considered to be benefited from the programs.

Without education, and the access to education resources, we really could not find that there is other way to leverage the Gender Parity, especially Women to Men which is the hot topic that the world is talking on the International Women’s Day.

Congratulation girls, you are living in your wonderful world now, we are as general men are with you to make your world even better, fairer!

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