AKC Eyes Refreshing, AKC website development

With the current booming support from many potential partners, friends and visitors in most parts of the world which help to generate different means and channels by those supporters, Angkor Kids Center is now proudly introduce a catchy website with many area development from your last  seen surfing that you have made. Thanks to the existence of Helpucation e.V founded by a great, professional, and passionate team in Germany for making all these online marketing tools to be available on the web.

Here are some pages that we have updated.

Our Partner: https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/our-partners/

AKC Green Project : https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/our-projects/akc-green-project/

Our Stories : https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/our-history/

Our Team, work is still carrying on : https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/team/

Our Vision: https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/philosophy/

Our Partners: https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/our-partners/

Our home country: https://www.angkorkidscenter.org/about-us/facts-about-cambodia/

All in all, all pages, tools and navigation bars have been improved, please don’t miss ones.

Spacial thanks to Alexandra Seegerer as part of Helpucation team member for volunteering doing this wonderful job.

Hope you enjoy surfing around.

Angkor Kids Center (AKC), For better education in Cambodia!