Our team

Our teachers are the base of the Angkor Kids Center. We employ two full time staff members and seven volunteer native teachers who give lessons to seven English classes and four Computer classes in a lively and playful way. And there are also volunteers from all over the world who give workshops on different topics.

This is the core team of the Angkor Kids Center:

Samnang Chhon

Samnang Chhon

Samnang Chhon, leader of the AKC managing board: Founder & Project Director

Samnang was born in Somrong, the village where the Angkor Kids Center is located, next to the famous Angkor archaeological site. Charity and travel changed his life, starting back in 2004 when Samnang met a German tourist couple who paid for his English lessons and studies in tourism. In the following years his career in tourism developed from a simple staff to a tour company owner. To share his own positive experience with the community he was raised in, Samnang founded the Angkor Kids Center in 2009, with the support of friends from all over the world.

“My goal is, that the AKC will be sustainable in terms of finance and management one day.”

– Samnang Chhon –

Hak Hien

Hak Hien, project coordinator

Hak Hien, member of the AKC managing board: Executive Director

Hak was one of the first graduates of Angkor Kids Center, starting a successful career in tourism. He was working in a 5 star hotel in Siem Reap for three years. Now Hak decided to come back to Angkor Kids Center and to join our team again! As an Executive Director, Hak takes over responsibility for the school and project management, accounting and collaboration with local authorities and NGOs.


Chhay Leap

Chhay Leap, School Coordinator

Chhay, also a former graduate of Angkor Kids Center, is the first full time member of our school. As the School Coordinator, Chhay takes care of the school and property management and maintenance. As an advanced teacher, he gives two English classes and four Computer classes.




Our passionate volunteer teachers

Ran Ghec

Ran Ghec, English Teacher

Ran (20) graduated from high school in 2017. She is currently working in a restaurant in Siem Reap. In the evening, after work, she spends her free time teaching English classes at Angkor Kids Center, and after her teaching time, she is training her English speaking skills with Chhay.



Kha Liem

Kha Liem, Assistant English Teacher

Kha (16) assists Ran to manage her class of 32 students. She is in 11th grade in high school. She began learning English at Angkor Kids Center in 2013. Now she is eager to share her experiences with the children at AKC.




Nisa Hos

Nisa Hos, English Teacher

Nisa (15) is in 10th grade in state school. As a student, she attended her first English class at Angkor Kids Center in 2015. Today she is very passionate about giving English classes as a teacher, and she would love to become a professional teacher in the future. Nisa hopes that the experience she gains at Angkor Kids Center will help to make her dream come true.



Touern Sok

Touern Sok, English Teacher

Touern (15) was born and raised in Samrong village. She is in 10th grade in state school. Touern first came to Angkor Kids Center to learn English in 2015. Now she is teaching her first class in English. Touern is proud to see the improvements of the children.



Chert Khorn

Chert Khorn, English Teacher

Chert (16) is one of the most advanced students of Angkor Kids Center. He is in 10th grade in state school and is living in Samrong village with his family of seven. He started learning English at Angkor Kids Center in 2013. Besides his volunteer teaching at AKC, Chert is leading the “friends help friends” team at his state school to help others learning Khmer literature, maths and English.



Bros Bot

Bros Bot, Assistant English Teacher

Bros (18) is in 12th grade in state school. Just like Chert, Bros first came to AKC in 2013 as a student. Now he is assisting Chert giving English classes. Bros wants to improve his English skills, gain teaching experiences and help AKC to grow further.




Chandeng Houy

Chandeng Houy, English Teacher

Chandeng (16) is in 10th grade in high school. She started to learn English at Angkor Kids Center in 2014. Now she is happy to give back what she has learned so far and she wants to improve her English speaking skills.