Our vision

Enhancing the Angkor Kids Center

In order to ensure that the development is constantly carrying on, Samnang and the whole team of Angkor Kids Center have their regular meetings and workshop, in order to take a close look at the progress achieved and discuss project needs and upcoming challenges. As of the 10th of May 2014, a workshop was held at the AKC school for full day discussing and presenting what already has been done and the future challenges.


During the afternoon, they were discussing on how to make the center self-sufficiency. The idea which had been reached to the consensus is developing the program of the Green Project which means focusing on the idea of a Poultry Farm and a Vegetable Garden to be developed on the existing lemongrass garden. As soon as the idea came out, a sketch of the garden and construction on the land was drawn by the team. The their ultimate teamwork constructed the mini farm plan using the available stuff.

Supporting our teachers

The goal of having this special program to be implemented is not only to be a financial independent but also to build a sample and give the opportunity to learn how to plant and raise with organic base for the communities, AKC students, teachers and other stakeholders at their own family. Since we learned that most of the families are living depending on the production from the market which contain a lot of chemistries, therefore they are the sensitive group of being affected by the diseases which lead the family economics down very fast.

With the success of this program, it means that the Stage 3 (AKC Cuisine) are already a social and organic food service caterer, and the cost will be staying on the lowest basic as all ingredients are supplied themselves.