Our partners


helpucation e.V. helpucation_logo_RGB

Helpucation is our backbone for all actions we are taking and plans we are creating. We are happy to have our friends from helpucation as a strong and professional partner at our side to do the fundraising, marketing and organization of the school.


Ivanhoe  IvanhoeGS Logo

Ivanhoe Grammar school is a co-educational independent school in Melbourne, Australia. Rich in history, yet thoroughly vibrant, diverse and innovative, Ivanhoe Grammar School provides a wonderful environment for students. Together with them we have been working on different projects in our community and around. Ivanhoe encourages students to discover and develop their strengths, no matter where their interests lie. Vibrant programs in areas such as performing and visual arts, music, sport, adventure, cadets, local and international service and leadership help students to develop their unique range of talents and gain an awareness and a sense of responsibility about their world.


1STEP1LIFE 1 Step 1 Life

Our close partner 1STEP1LIFE is a Sydney based NGO with non religious background who supports us with fundings, knowledge and a lot of positive vibrations. They help us to raise the quality of our English classes, to develop different programs in our community and they believe in the way we have chosen to go.


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Link for Aid supports AKC by giving children access to learning. In the last four years it has donated school uniforms, materials and bicycles to over 80 children from Samrong village, enabling them to attend school. The Rome-based charity association has also donated the solar panel and the library to the AKC School.


Take Care Kids OnlusTake Care Kids

Take Care Kids Onlus believes that school education is the basis for the proper growth of a child. That’s why they are supporting the school project of AKC.