Professional Marketing Kits AKC Flyer done by Helpucation e.V.

It has been a long way driving up and down, down, and now up again when ‪Helpucation‬ e.V., a charity association based in Germany has been founded by a great team of our long lasting friends there.

To begin with ‪#‎AngkorKidsCenter‬ has been well promoted and advertised through their online, printings, and offline channels. With their dedicated, creative, and professional work, these Tri-fold Flyers has been accomplished in English and German, (more languages on the way)!
Congratulation and gratefulness to you all !

To download the Flyer, please go here :

Web version:
Print version:

To help us celebrate this new milestones achieved, please help to spread the words, make contribution… and drop us a question if you have one. Hope to see you being active with us.