Coming AKC team Success Story

Following a recent success story of Mr. Hak HIEN who has a full time job at one of the top best hotels in the world, Amansara. Today
let us bring you with more inspirational stories of our team success.

Ms. Sreymom KROM,Sreymom Krom a 21-year-old girl who has spent her time volunteering at Angkor Kids Center in her hometown since 2009 with helping kids to learn English and other work. After finished her high school in 2014, Sreymom started to work in some shops and small local restaurant to gain experience during the day time and getting back to help AKC in the evening. To the commitment, effort that she has spent helping her community and to the general humanity in greater word, she deserves to have something back for her better life. In the awareness and the recognition of team effort as to which AKC mission is driving to, word reaching the sense of our dear donor, Linkforaid and they agreed to look for fund to send her to a vocational training school in tourism which is the only best way to get the job right after one year, if the performance of the student / apprentice is well.

When a positive light is coming to her, the bigger bright is heading; as of June 2015, Sreymom has successfully applied for a job working in one of the luxury cruises on the vessel up and down stream between Cambodia and Vietnam. Let’s Congrats and wish her for the bright future !

At least but not last, thanks to Mrs. Salet NHY, who is our core inspiration to have a great influence on the community for being a model and promote the trust and confidence of AKC team to the working environment, without her, there might be no Mr. Sophal Chhuo started working a cruise a few years ago, and today Sreymom on this good job. Salet is our supper reference !

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AKC School Clean & Safe Drink Water Approach

Drinking water has become a scarce commodity in China and Southeast Asia. The poor suffer more than the rich, but they are learning to demand what is increasingly seen as a basic human right: access to clean drinking water.

Water at the pump can be contaminated with arsenic while at the tap it is often not trusted, and at the well it sometimes runs dry. Water supplies have become depleted, and pollution often contaminates the water table.

Nearly half the population of Cambodia does not have access to safe water and basic sanitation, a U.N. agency said Friday ahead of World Water Day, calling on the authorities to give greater attention to improving rural water supply in the impoverished country.

Some 6.3 million out of 14.9 million Cambodians are unable to access clean drinking water, most of them poor and living in rural areas, the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF said in a statement marking the Saturday event.
Improving the quality of rural water would help accelerate Cambodia’s social and economic development, it said, urging authorities to make greater commitments and investments to tackling the issue.
The lack of access to clean water leaves Cambodian children vulnerable to diseases such as diarrhea, which is the second leading cause of death among children under five, according to UNICEF.
Some 40 percent of primary schools and 35 percent of health centers in the country do not have access to safe water and sanitation. 

This is the report from Radio Free Asia back to 2014 !

Water Filter 3

Angkor Kids Center, as a community and child care project has taken this area of clean drinking water and sanitation into a deep consideration. As of April 2014, we have succeeded to build a proper water pump well at our school. In February, 2015, we got the first gift from Rotary Club Thailand of a good quality water filter through our dear friend foundation of Take Care Kids, Italy based in Pattaya , Thailand. Seeing the importance of this gift, later in April 2015, Mr. Cristiano Volpe, the Take Care Kids Foundation member get another three bigger size of the water filter to properly serve all our class need.

Angkor Kids Center would like to thanks again Take Care Kids foundation for making this end happened to our school. We will invest the maximum use out of the them.

Be inspired, why not make a try ! Discuss with us to help us without leaving your Styles !