AKC School New Playground


As of 14th March 2015, a new and creative playground have been built at Angkor Kids Center school !

Thanks to the most creative ideas generated and lead by our dear school directress, Ms Salin NHY who has turned the environmental spoilers, broken motor and car tires… into a amazing playgroup for the kids of Angkor Kids Center.

Thanks to the passionate and energetic young boys and the professional leaders/teachers from Ivanhoe Grammar School for making the dreaming day to live.

AKC school now looks much more beautiful and attractive with this beautiful work from everyone involved.
At least but not last, thanks to the local volunteer team, villagers and students who left their families and work apart, to participate in this tough but meaningful day!
The baking hot eight hour day turning into a bright and cheerful moment when we see that we could not ban the kids from playing with their new playground when the paintings are not yet properly dried !

Wish you the best Mr. Don Page-Wood and all your companions for bringing with such a great people, you all are not just a great leaders but great good role players !

More updates are flowing…