Season’s Greetings !

AKC_Season's Greetings

We are born poor but our dream is rich ! We are happy and satisfied with what we have and where we are, but our ambition is staying as higher as the outer world locates !

Let the children, the volunteer team and the community of Angkor Kids Center celebrate with you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous and Happy New Year 2015 !

Be the most successful and happiest year ahead, the wishes from AKC !

Arrival of the Chicken


It has been a while until we could get the reliable information to set up an new stage to move on.

Thanks to the wonderful team of AKC who has made extra miles beyond their existing experiences and knowledge to make this significant move to this phase. Now 500 of young chicken has been properly migrated to their new and comfortable house.

Again, thanks to the great donation of Help4Cambodia which permits us to make the project implementation progress running steadily.

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