Samroang Community Water & Moon Festival_05 November 2014

Wat Basket Race

Congratulation Samroang community and AKC youth for the feasible event organized at the village !

Following the current event campaign raised on Facebookpage of Angkor Kids Center.

Today we would like to pass on the news that the event has been the most successful. It goes much beyond the expectation layout in the Objectives.

The worries of the fund to cover the event cost had melt immediately right at the start of the event. Thanks to Mr. Jake Stalkerr, the founder of One Step One Life, Australia  for donated USD 70 which is enough to pay the sound system until mid night, and thanks to the great participation of the local visitors to make not only event safe in term of financial, but it could also help to contribute to the community Shrine for further development.

The event was started first with the opening speech delivered by the Council Members of Leangdai Commune with the special guests : Buddhist Monks, Security Officers, and a few more community officers, AKC founders, and Jake….


As soon as opening section finished the Water Basket Race started in the pond surrounding the Shrine hill along with the demonstration of the Special Race Pestling (Bok Oam Bouk) and Clay Jar Blind Breaking Challenge (Veay Kaorm). What was more: when the dark was coming there, transitional dance music was played attracting the huge crow to dance and playground all over the space.


It was a fascinating event, no firework but the cheer from the community Joy meant much more !


See you next year and hope you will keep a little bit to make the pre-organizing session more energetic !


AKC School Opening Ceremony_2 November 2014

Opening Ceremony Backdrop

One year has been over leaving a lot of memorable experiences and achievement at Angkor Kids Center!

This year event has been even more colorful and greater honor to welcome Ms. Pamela McCourt Francescone, the president of Linkforaid, a charity organization in Italy, and the official officers from the local community authority to speak during the event flowing with the following agendas :

  1. Welcome remarks and the program objectives by Mr Meam, Academic Coordinator
  2. Present the special guests and speakers by Mr Meam
  3. Opening Remarks and comments by the / Village chief or representative
  4. Water Transfer game
  5. Painting Competition and presentation of their arts
  6. Remark and overall comments by Mr Samnang Chhon, AKC Founding Initiator
  7. Remarks and comments by Ms Pamela, Linkforaid Association President
  8. Remarks and comments by the Councils of Commune in Angkor Thom District
  9. Students ‘comments and determination by student
  10. Donation and Award distribution by community head, Linkforaid, AKC
  11. Close the program and school visit

IMG_0765 IMG_0773 IMG_0777 IMG_0778

Pamela was very impressed by the image of the village and just had one contingent comment after the event and the village visit “Each year I see how things are changing in your village.  You, and all your team who are inspired by you, are really giving these children and the people of Samroang the opportunity for a better future. I know how poor the villages are in Siem Reap province, and I realized it again when we walked back in the dark and I saw families eating together and you told me the man who will look after the chickens will have a better home than he does now.”

Pamela is not only our honorable speaker, but her presence bringing along village 15 bikes, 14 school uniforms, and 14 satchels to be donated to the outstanding of AKC school students and the less privileged students in Samroang community to be able to go to school in this new academic year 2014-2015.

At the end, she promised to the community and to the founder of Angkor Kids Center, Mr. Samnang Chhon, there are more things to come.

Stay with us and see what Linkforaid and Angkor Kids Center bring to live in the forthcoming year of 2015.

And support us to make the great change for general humanity.