Pon’s University Life Updates

Following the most recent post about Pon’s University Life Challenges,  including a campaign to raise the fund for him to continue his safe overseas student’s life.

Now we are so proud to announce that Pon will have a peaceful life in Thailand for the next 6 months from mid September 2014 onward.

The most grateful to the Linkforaid Charity Organization, Italy who has the mission to help the underprivileged children and the poor in Myanmar and Cambodia for continue supporting Pon since the beginning of his application until now, and thank you Mr. Garry Chapman for your personal donation to support Pon.

Pon's Group Work

Taking this opportunity, we would like to pass on the message from Pon that he has just finished his first mid-term Exams with a great pride that he could do better than more than half of the Thai students in the same subject at the whole university even the lecture was conducted in Thai language !

We are here at AKC firmly committed to deliver your contribution to the best uses and most beneficial to all the stakeholders who have the same hear and way of walk as us !

Stay with us and see the inspiration of how we grow 🙂


After the two consecutive years, 2012 & 2013 of successes hosting the CHOICE (Cambridge-Hong Kong Operation for International Children’s Education) Volunteer Service Trip; AKC is still touching the spirit of love to the CHOICE committee members and volunteers which made this year, 2014 to welcome their contribution again even thought the Project had been selected to a neighboring country of Lao PDR in the area located miles away from AKC School.


Special thanks to Mr Bryan Cheung and his mother for spending extra miles  to bring the sufficient school stationeries supplies to all the 230 students of AKC, which is enough for them to use for a full year of the upcoming academic year of 2014-2015. Thanks to all the donors for your contribution to make this happen.

AKC would like to wish you all the very best and hope we will have chances to welcome you again back to AKC in a near future !

The Returned of Mr Samnang Chhon when words formed !

Samnang Delivering Speech

Samnang delivering speech during the Kids Sponsoring and School Opening Campaign 2013, funded by Linkforaid.

“Just like a lightning moment, 6 years has already gone! We are not tired, but  more interesting challenges are here to flight to overcome after quite a period of time to come already, Mr. Samnang Chhon, the AKC initiator from the village of Samroang where AKC is situating said.

The ninth of September 2009 or 09/09/09 is the day that Samnang returned to his community and start to build and develop the team and formed the name Angkor Kids Center (AKC) after his stable life with reasonable job. His inspirational biography of development had attracted the world attention, and inspired the children and his community bringing along with great success afterward…read more about AKC history 

As of today, 09/09/2014, AKC would like to celebrate its founding anniversary with silent sound ! This representing the effort of saving and putting things in the right place with great concentration as we understand how hard people have made to make this passionate concept to a fabulous implementation.

Stay tune and see the current ongoing projects, activities and accomplishment that we have succeeded !

Be blessed with all the very best wishes from AKC team in Siem Reap, Angkor !

Pon’s Overseas University Life Updates

Pon, the first from the right, with his family in front of his house.
You might have heard about the human capital development strategies that AKC has been taken, and you must have heard Pon, our motivated, and self-reliant person who has grown his life through volunteering. After a few successful jobs helping his own community and the surroundings though the voluntary work with Angkor Kids Center, Pon has been granted an opportunity to study at Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University in Thailand in the Faculty of Agriculture Technology, which is not available in Cambodia.
Pon in the Garden Lab
Updating the status of ​Pon, we just had a Skype talk with him, he really likes the university and the rich learning materials there, however he is now facing some financial condition for living and studying there with the following issues :
1 – Due to the political changes/reform in Thailand made over  200,000 Cambodian workers without proper permit forcing to return to Cambodia, this causing the students with student visa stopped or banned from working at night or outside the school, as what he had planned to survive his life.
2 – Pon was trying to ask the university to have some job to do at the university as well that we would got 6000 Thai Baht around 188$ per term, and that will be entitled to pay at the end of the term (4 months), but he was rejected with a condition that he is a freshman (first year student), he will be allowed to apply in term 2 onward, it means he could try again in January 2015.
3 – With the first fund donated by Linkforaid, the Italian charitable association (USD 600.00 in September 2013, and USD 1,100.00 in March 2014), that AKC managed to send him phase by phase, permitted him to live just during the whole month of September 2014 – here is the general expenses from late January 2014 up to September 2014.
Pon's Expenses Report
​4 – Pon normally eats a lot like a few plates of rice but now he reduces to just to have something in stomach, ​but he still have to spend at least 3$ per day, and he also need to pay some classroom paper work at around 30$ minimum per month as well, these are the ongoing cost.
​Donors, supporters, friends, with the details of this message, ​I would like to call all of you to make any possibilities to help Pon carrying on his safe and confident student life there, I am very sour that Pon will make a great model influencing others, and contribute back to the humanity with professional and fair practices in term of education development and environment protection.
Please let me know if you need any other information to support the campaign raising the fund for him.
You may make a quick donation to our Pay Pal account or to our foundation partner account !
Thanks and see you soon.
Samnang Chhon (Mr)
Project Director/ Founding Initiator,

Samrong village, Lieng dai commune
Angkor thom district, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Phone +855(0)77 848 949 | Mail samnang@angkorkidscenter.org
Web: www.angkorkidscenter.org | Facebook: www.facebook.com/AngkorKC