IGS Service March 2014

IGS Welcome

27 March 2014 has been another great event happening at AKC when the 13 fourteen-year-old students from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Australia, lead by Mr. Page-Wood and Ms MacEwan.

Among those much and many elements incidentally and accidentally planned activities throughout Cambodia, one indicator of the AKC Green Project, planting commemorative nursery trees has be set available at the AKC school, as what Mr Page-Wood said “when a new life start ” !
IGS March 14
Pre-event day : Thanks to the Project Trip fund permit our AKC team travel in a Tuk Tuk to Siem Reap and started to purchase 2 sets of a rich plating tools that we will use again and again including 2 hoes, 2 hummars, 2 axes, 2 giant knives, 2 spades, 2 mini handle spades, 2 pairs of watering baskets, nails. Another team went off and look for the cooking ingredients that could not be found in the garden…, other team looked for stuff which are available in the village like bamboo trunks for the plant cate and gathered them at the school to be ready for the next day…

On site service day : A 15 seat van has been used and squeezed in, for transfer to the site which located 27 km next to the temple complex, AKC school in Samroang.

Arrival at AKC the Ivanhoe group has been greeted with a parallel two lines of AKC students and teachers and walk them to AKC school.
A short introduction of AKC has been delivered to the group including the brief of the activities of the day. Then the group paired up with 5 or more of AKC students to 1 Ivanhoe teammates in order to start the work.
To start with, they had to walk about 10 minutes to Pon’s house to get their young plants, and walk back to the school.
No break:) some demonstration of the use of tool are shown. What was the amazing and incredible thing is when those youngsters could use those hard farming tools like they born with it;)
By 11.30 am the team could get the plating finished which is not normal without their great teamwork !
After hard work and unique experience, a typical local lunch were ready in the one of the classroom. Music by AKC team appeared to comfort the their lunch ! Can’t finish lunch properly, a bound-back nice voice of English music were out, soon it was formed in one composition of Khmer and English music….
The heat getting stronger and stronger 40 degrees+++ but it couldn’t exhaust their enjoyment when there were more and more flow of different moments came along the minutes!

14:30 was the tough time when we have to make a group photo and bid the goodbye 

See you again very soon Don and all the team ! See you again Ivanhoe !

Hope our relationship is sustainable !

Have fun with your long haul flight back home !